Maternity Wear

Hi ladies, now that the test shows positive you have a whole new excuse to go shopping. And when we say shopping we mean for yourself as stealing your husbands extra large shirts will not do the job! Don’t wait until it’s too late though, make sure you purchase some basics early on so your set to rock that pregnancy and fit the most wanted title: fashionable mum

Maternity wear in Australia has been undergoing significant changes so you will be surprised to see that there is such a thing as being a fashionable mum to be.

When you’re pregnant, dressing can be a major fashion challenge even for the trendiest woman because your body is always changing and you don’t know which clothes in your wardrobe are going to fit you from day to day. But do not worry, our fashionable maternity clothes collection at Orb boutique will help you dress this new body that seems totally foreign to you.

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